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What Textbookweb can do

Redefining how you approach reading list data with a unique piece of software.

Provides extensive reading list data

Textbookweb provides publishers of all sizes with access to accurate, comprehensive data. With over 500,000 reading lists and 800,000 individual titles on file from over 15,000 publishers, you can access all the data you need in one place.

Maintains accurate data throughout the year

We update our database several times a year to ensure our data is always as accurate as possible when you use our platform. As a result, you can trust the data you access in Textbookweb.

Offers access to structured and standardised data

Our platform takes this abundance of data and delivers it to you in a structured, easily digestible format. You can use our powerful search function – with simple and advanced options – to access the data you’re looking for without the hassle.

Allows for easy export and download off-platform

We make it easy for you to take the data off our platform when needed. You can easily export what you need, customise it where desired and integrate it into any relevant publisher systems. 

How Textbookweb can help you

Benefiting editorial focus

The data in Textbookweb helps you narrow your publishing strategy and sharpen your editorial focus.  It will help you make better decisions on what to publish and what not to publish.  

With Textbookweb, you can find out what is being taught where, identifying trends and promising programmes to pursue. 

You can refine your editorial focus and avoid overproduction in publishing through effective use of the Textbookweb platform.

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Granular filters

Refine your editorial focus with filtering options to create detailed results using our Insights tool.


Visual insights

Understand market share better with easy-to-analyse graphs.


Data separated by country

Identify opportunities by seeing presence data for specific publishers by country.


Get granular with filters

Plan your marketing campaigns betters by using our search tool to conduct even the most granular searches.


Easy to understand data

View your results in a simple spreadsheet format - no messy data with Textbookweb.


Easily export searches

Share your findings with sales and editorial teams easily by exporting data off-platform.


Supporting your marketing

Textbookweb gives you the tools to do your market research and plan your marketing activities. Use our platform to determine your market position per country at subject and university levels.

You can also use Textbookweb to better analyse both your own adoptions and those of your competitors, strategically focusing your marketing output accordingly.

Learn more about how Textbookweb can support marketing teams by visiting our dedicated page.

Maximising sales output

Textbookweb is the ultimate tool for your sales team.  

Use our platform to plan and prioritise contacts efficiently and better track engagement with your campaigns.

Textbookweb offers all the granularity you need to identify leads on national, local and institutational level across all subjects. It is designed to do the hard work for you, saving you precious time and money as you focus your sales output.

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Easy-to-use interface

Using Insights like shown here is easy with Textbookweb. But if you have any doubts, there is also an interactive guide to support you!


Invaluable data

Access the information you need to plan sales strategies around opportunities at institutions.


Easily load previous queries

All your saved queries can be accessed if you need to return to data analysed previously.


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