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We are the creators of Textbookweb

Jesse Kröger – Managing Director, NewClicks

NewClicks – our story

Founded in 2012 by Jesse Kröger and Erik de Boer, NewClicks was born out of a passion for solving real-world problems for publishers. Our journey began with a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the educational content space.

In 2014 we launched Textbookweb 1.0, collating data on textbook adoptions in The Netherlands. After adding Belgium, we have subsequently expanded coverage across Europe, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia.

With the launch of the completely renewed Textbookweb 2.0, we have made the latest search technology available to our users to ensure a laser-quick search process.

With the addition of key data from Australia and New Zealand in 2021, we have started on the next exciting phase of our plans to scale Textbookweb.

Fast forward to today, and we are proud to introduce Textbookweb, our brainchild that has evolved into the go-to online adoption database for higher education.

Our values

Data-centric approach

We believe that clean, structured and enriched data is the cornerstone of a successful and flexible organisation. In a world inundated with raw and unstructured information, we meticulously gather, clean, structure and combine data, making it accessible, relevant and usable.

Ambition to support education

Our ambition is clear: to assist publishers and educational institutions with clean and structured data on the availability and use of educational content. The solutions we offer are data based, providing in-depth insights into the dynamic market for educational content.


Specialists in what we offer

For those based in or working in the markets we have data on, the Textbookweb platform is the only way to access that information in the same seamless fashion. We are specialists in a unique product and, therefore, have spent a decade now fine-tuning what we offer.

Practical and focused on delivering results

Even though we offer a unique product for the market, we don’t exclusively rely on that to maintain our business. We are practical, results driven and are always aiming to improve. Our platform is regularly updated and enhanced to ensure our customers get the best possible experience with Textbookweb.

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